As a leader:
JC Sanford Orchestra - large ensemble performing music by and conducted by Yours Truly
JC4 (JC Sanford Quartet)
w/Mike Baggetta, Dave Ambrosio, Russ Meissner - NYC,
Zacc Harris, his Bates, JT Bates - MN
w/Chris Bacas & Andy Laster - NYC,
Bruce Thornton and Brandon Wozniak - MN

As a co-leader:
Inatnas Orchestra
Schumacher/Sanford Sound Assembly
My Band Foot Foot

As a conductor:
John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble
JazzMN Orchestra
Alice Coltrane Orchestra
Joel Harrison's Infinite Possibility
John Ellis' Ice Siren
Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble
Brian Landrus Orchestra
Alan Ferber Nonet with Strings
Jentsch Group Large/No Net

As a sideman:
Davu Seru's No Teritory Band
Chris Bates' RED 5
Andrew Green's Narrow Margin
Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra
Nathan Parker Smith Large Ensemble
Numinous the music of Joseph C. Phillips, Jr.
Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble
Javier Arau Jazz Orchestra
Kenny Berger's Cenozoic Trio